Universal abrasion tester (Stoll Quartermaster) can detect wear and wear resistance of various fabrics including clothing, shoes and industrial textiles.The instrument is equipped with a flat grinding test head (inflatable membrane resistance testing method) and a curved grinding test head, as well as the required weights and sandpaper.Built-in timer and mechanical cycle counter.

Standard: ASTM D3514, D3885, D3886 AATCC 119,120 FTMS 191,5300,5302 FORD EFB 15J2/BN 112-01.


Specification parameters:

Pressure range: 1~9psi.

Reciprocating speed: 115 times /min plus or minus 10.

Line: 25 mm plus or minus 2 mm.

Tension weight: 0.5 lb, 1 lb, 2 lb.

Balance weight: 0.5 lb, 1 lb, 2 lb.

Meter: 0~99999.

Timer: 30min.

Volume (W * D * H) : 31 * 65 * 67cm.

Weight: 68 kg

Power source: 1 v, AC220V, 4 a

Weight material: cast iron + plating.

Outer box material: iron plate + baking paint.

Switch button: zhejiang – red wave.

 Function introduction.

  1. Plane wear test rack.

Surface grinding is also known as flat grinding. This instrument adopts the pneumatic film wear-resisting test method and the distribution plane.

The test head clamp is one.

  1. Rubber mat for surface wear test.

Grinding rubber film abrasion test method, special elastic rubber film, distribution block.

  1. Bending wear test rack.

Flexural wear-resisting is also known as flexure, with a flexure test head clamp and a flexural tool.

Zigzag blade

  1. Deep wear test rack.

Depth test grinding fixture (rubber membrane, micrometer clamp, weight)

  1. Ball wear test.

Metal mesh test harness (1 set): due to the lack of metal mesh configuration, this test cannot be done.


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