LR-L71-UV Impact Test Sample Gap Broaching Machine

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Product description

In the process of impact testing of metal materials, not only the high precision impact testing machine, but also the preparation of qualified samples.Our company has developed a special broaching machine for the l71-uv type impact sample notch, which can be pulled out from the sample blank to fully conform to the sample gap of GB/t229-2007 “metal charpy notch impact test method”.This machine has the advantages of high precision, long life, low noise, beautiful appearance and so on. It is the first choice for many users in various industries.

No Name Specification
1 Type of processing sample gap U/V type 2mm (conforming to GB/t229-1994)
2 The size of the specimen being processed 10×10×55(mm)
3 Broaching rate 2.6m/min
4 Work schedule 330mm