Uses: used to test electrical products, including computer everyday appliances electronic equipment and other products, can touch position if there is a hazard to the user security of sharp edges, belongs to toy safety test project
Standard: UL1439
Size: 184 * 35 * 52 mm
Weight: 132 g
Standard configuration: UL 42 of the edge tester test head

UL profit margin tester/UL sharp edge tester to use:
1. The test head on tester test rod head.
2. The test head on the edge of the tested, the immediate use of 0.68 KG force tested along the edge of mobile 2 inches.And then return to the starting point, total moving distance is 4 inches;
3. After that, check the test head, if the outer two layers of skin (simulation) have been open represents the test edge is sharp edge.

UL profit margin tester/UL sharp edge tester features:
The tester is very easy to use and durable.Scalloped design, especially suitable for in the hand is light and completely sealed bearing test arm, can reduce friction, it can protect all removable parts to prevent dirt and damage.
The edge tester need to be used together with plastic cap, plastic cap mould is like human finger thickness and design.

UL profit margin tester/UL sharp edge tester overview:
Specially designed for U.L. standard tester.
U.L. company standards to determine the degree of sharp edge electrical products (UL1439), the standard called edge tester.Provide an objective standard to determine conform to the existing safety requirements.
Most of the UL standard is included in the consumer products such as edge, the main requirements of part, Angle, surrounded by objects, opening, surrounding edge, hand, etc., these parts need to be smooth with no injuries.


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