LR-MD500A Petroleum product density tester

Product introduction

The LR-MD500A type petroleum product density meter is designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard methods of GB/T1884-2000, ISO3675:1998 for the determination of the density of crude oil or liquid petroleum products and other mixtures, which are normally liquids (which can be converted to the standard density at 20℃ by the petroleum meter).The instrument adopts large screen color LIQUID crystal display, with rich interface content, direct and convenient human-computer interaction.Built-in operating instructions of the instrument on the screen to make the operation easier;The instrument adopts advanced PID temperature control technology, temperature control is accurate and stable;The instrument has double test holes, which can measure the density of two samples at the same time and improve the working efficiency.The instrument has the function of constant temperature timing, which can remind the operator to carry out the next operation in time during the test.The instrument has the function of average calculation. The average value of two consecutive measurements can be displayed and the test results can be saved and printed.The instrument also has the function of data record query, which can refer to the 1000 data records tested before and facilitate comparison and analysis.Widely used in petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, commodity inspection, scientific research and other departments.

 LR-MD500A Petroleum product density tester

 Performance characteristics

  1. Temperature control accuracy up to 0.01℃;
  2. With 8-inch large display screen, the display interface is rich in content, beautiful, atmospheric, and easier to operate;
  3. Constant temperature and timing reminder function;
  4. It can display the working status of the instrument dynamically;
  5. The built-in operating instructions on the screen make it easy to use;
  6. With the function of calculating average density value, the calculation results can be saved and printed;
  7. Large data storage capacity, 1000 analysis and test records can be saved;

 LR-MD500A Petroleum product density tester

Technical indicators

Meet the standardsGB/T1884-2000, ISO3675:1998
The measurement range0 ~ 9.9999 g/cm3
Display mode8-inch touch high definition color LCD
Temperature control rangeroom temperature ~ 100℃
Temperature control accuracy±0.01℃
Number of test holesdouble holes
Measuring cylinder specification500ml
Density meternine groups
 Data records1000
Printing methodThermal printer
Ambient temperature5 ~ 40℃
Relative humidity10% ~ 80%
Power source AC220V±10%, 50Hz±5%
Power rate1300W
Weightabout 16kg

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