LR-N001 Offset Ink Proofer

LR-N001 Offset Ink Proofer

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LR-N001 Offset Ink Proofer


1.Automatic ink leveling, stable operation, precision processing

2.Uniform ink time, the speed can be set

3.Printing pressure and speed can be adjusted, printing speed 3 gear: low, medium, high

4.Uniform ink speed: low, medium, high, 3 gears setting, each time can be proofing 4 colors

5.Suitable for printing offset ink spot color proofing, 4 primary color areas, 4 light color areas, easy to colors, easy to use.

7.Use color measurement with spectrophotometer to detect ink color phase, dry and wet, gloss, Lab value.

LR-N001 Offset Ink Proofer


Pressure adjust 0-2MM
N/G Weight 75KG
Flattening Height 280MM
Flattening Length 640MM
Flattening Width 380MM
Input Voltage 220V 50Hz
printing area 4pcs-Primary colors,45X225/pcs(Light color area 4pcs)
Rate of power 400W
color sample size 45X 225mm-4pcs

LR-N001 Ink Proofer Offset printing ink printer

  1. Working conditions

1.1 operating environment, voltage, humidity and other technical requirements of the equipment

Under normal temperature working environment, the voltage is not higher than 220v.

  1. Technical requirements and configuration

2.1 main functions

Press the ink on the paper substrate according to certain technical requirements to test the printing effect of the ink under different conditions.The printed color bar can be tested (such as gloss, color density, measurement color data LAB/CH value, contrast, etc.) to identify printing adaptability of ink, color difference of spot color or four-color ink, etc.

2.2 technical indicators:


2.2.1 rubber roll material

Material can be used for ordinary offset printing ink and vegetable oil base ink

2.2.2 printing speed

The printing speed range is: high speed: 20 r/min, medium speed: 15r/min, low speed: 10r/min.

2.2.3 color bar size

Application size: 45X225mm

2.2.4 specification of embossed paper

It is best to print paper with thickness of 0~2.50 mm and plastic film with thickness of 1mm

2.2.5 steel roll speed

Cleaning: 100 RPM ~800 RPM;

Uniform ink: 100 RPM ~1000 RPM

The steady ink velocity: high speed: 1000r /min, medium speed: 800r/min, low speed: 650r/min.

2.3 configuration

In addition to the standard configuration, also need to match the corresponding computer and special cleaning agent

2.4 consumables

Paper, ink, plastic film