LR-N005  20L Ink Mixer


Input voltage: 220V

Machine power: 850W

Speed: 0-60 RPM

Exterior size: 620x400x910mm,wooden Box :700X500X1050mm

Material bucket size: standard 20L ink bucket

Material bucket capacity: minimum 5KG, maximum 20KG

Net weight: 90-100KG

Packing weight: 120KG

LR-N005  20L Ink Mixer


  1. Simple and convenient operation.
  2. Low-speed, intermittent pail side stirring;Unique agitator design, ink can be in the process of stirring, shearing, within five minutes will be evenly mixed ink;The stirring ink does not heat up.

3, stirring speed can be fast.

  1. Simply replace the agitator (standard 20L ink drum) and lock the ink tank with one key.
  2. Agitator: L-shaped agitator, integral forming, without a screw hole, easy to clean.
  3. Transmission mode: direct transmission to reduce power loss.
  4. mixing time can be set, the body design is compact and easy to move.


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