LR-N002-B Printing Gravure Proofing Machine

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Printing Gravure Proofing Machine


  1. Pneumatic pressure system
  2. Circle pressure circle way to run
  3. (0-100M/min)The printing pressure(0-0.8Mpa) and printing speed can be adjusted (0 to 100M/min)

4.(Printing scraping blade pressure can be adjusted, speed adjustable, computer process control system)

5.Suitable for gravure printing ink proofing, (water-based, solvent-based inks) easy to use.

6.Using spectral density meter with test ink color

Printing Gravure Proofing Machine


N/G Weight 100KG
Flattening Height 300MM
Flattening Length 500MM
Flattening Width 700MM
Input Voltage 220V 50Hz
printing area Gravure Roll size:(Length )200mm,diameter 100mm

Rubber roller size:(Length)180mm,diameter 100mm

Rate of power 1000W
color sample size 60X108mm/Grid   (10%,20%,30%,40%,50%,60%,70%,80%,85%,90%,95%,100% gray level)
Anilox roller (20um,25um,30um,35um,40um,45um,50um,55um)