Purpose and scope of application:

The INKOMETER is mainly used to detect the viscosity value of the ink, and can also detect the viscosity appreciation and ink flying.


Ink viscosity meter is under the condition of a certain temperature, the temperature of 25 ±1 ℃, humidity 65 ± 5%,water temperature 32±0.5 ℃ .A device that reflects the tearing force of two objects in a certain surface state by attaching a certain thickness of an ink layer at a certain speed. The results are compared under certain conditions.

Technical parameters:

  1. Number of spindle revolutions of copper roll: 400 RPM in I gear / 800 RPM in II gear / 1200 RPM in III gear
  2. Power voltage: 220V
  3. Total electric power: 670 watts (including 370 watts of motor and 300 watts of water tank)
  4. Water pump flow:≥10 liters/min constant temperature water tank capacity: 6 liters
  5. Instrument appearance size: 750X500X550 cubic mm
  6. Total weight of the instrument: about 110 kg
  7. The horizontal error rate of the spindle copper roller≤0.03mm after leveling the workbench

8, constant temperature water tank temperature  ≤ 0.5 ℃

  1. Measuring accuracy of ruler: 0.2 ink viscosity unit
  2. Under the same test conditions, the error of the same machine is extended to±0.5 ink viscosity units
  3. Noise: ≤70 decibels

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