The determination of the pour point of the pour point of the petroleum products is produced by the introduction of advanced technology from Japan, according to GB / T 510. The instrument uses a compressor refrigeration principle, enclosed bath with tilt stand and pour point sets, and is equipped with intelligent digital display controller, easy to use, reliable quality, the instrument uses fuzzy control principle and PID self-tuning technology, control performance stable and reliable, is the the laboratory preferred test instrument.
The refrigeration system is the instrument by the compressor, filter, capillary restrictor, connected to the evaporator and the piping components. Endotherm of the refrigerant through the evaporator expansion pressure by the compressor, the expansion of the gas after the formation of high temperature and high pressure gas into the exhaust pipe and then into the condenser cooling into liquid, and then by capillary throttling into the evaporator evaporation endothermic to achieve refrigeration purposes . Compressor pressure refrigerant evaporates then into the exhaust pipe into the condenser, so the cycle refrigeration cycle to work. The temperature control system is noticeable by the intelligent digital temperature control device PID adjustment to achieve the fixed-point temperature control, temperature control device output control signal to trigger solid-state relays, heating pipe work offset compressor refrigeration system to produce cold it constant in on the required temperature.

Technical indicators:
Refrigeration temperature: room temperature ~ -75 ℃
Cooling time: ≤ 100 minutes
Input mode: Pt100
Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃
Power supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz
Structural forms: a slot two holes


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