Application and applicable scope

The apparatus is in accordance with the standards of people’s Republic of China GB/T510 “pour point of petroleum products – Determination of” people’s Republic of China and the industry standard SH/T0248 “distillate fuel cold filter plugging point determination” and other requirements of the design and manufacturing, according to the provisions of the above two method is applicable to the determination of standard of petroleum products pour point and cold filter plugging point.

Use of working conditions of instrument

1, the instrument should be placed in the formation of a solid table, should as far as possible to reduce air convection environment.

2, the product involves the flammable material, operation not allowed around the fire (or generating device near Mars).

3, when the instrument is not should be placed in dry and ventilated place.

4, the power supply for the single-phase three wire system, must have a good grounding end.

Three, the main technical parameters and specifications

1, a working power supply: AC220V 10%; 50Hz.

2, cold trough temperature: room temperature to -75 – 0.5 Deg. C

3: the new kind of refrigeration compressor, refrigeration system.

4, test hole number: two holes, two holes isothermal

5, the ambient temperature is less than or equal to 30 DEG C.

6, the relative humidity is less than or equal to 85%.

7, power consumption: less than 1000W.

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