By the single-chip microcomputer automatic control system fault self-diagnosis, 5.7 inch 320 * 240 large-screen LCD, full Chinese menu, friendly man-machine interface; built-in a variety of water content convenient computing formula needs of different users; equipped with long life miniature printer, can automatically and accurately charge the blanking current generated in the test process, accurate test results, particularly the determination of low levels of high sensitivity. Large current background compensation function, standby time is greatly shortened, the unique reagent failure detection function automatically alert the user to the timely replacement of failed reagents, reagent utilization is increased. Built-in high-capacity memory, you can store up to 300 test records to facilitate retrieval methods, users can easily access and print a test report. Perfect after sales service, so that users can buy the rest assured that with the peace of mind.
Technical parameters:
Titration Method: Karl Fischer coulometric titration (coulometric titration)
The electrolytic current: pulse current of 400mA
Display: 5.7-inch 320 x 240 LCD screen
Measuring range: 0.1μg-100mg 1ppm-100%
Sensitivity: 0.1μg
Accuracy: 3μg ~ 1000μg ± 2μg 1000μg more than 0.2%
Print: efficient low noise line micro thermal printer
Calculation: content calculated statistical calculations, a variety of formulas select
Self-test: instrument fault self-diagnosis automatically remind the user to replace the lapsed reagents
Maximum storage: 200 records (including test date, sample number, selection formulas, hydrous percent amount of sample density, sample volume, the total weight of the sample, sample tare information) to facilitate the retrieval way for users to access at any time, print .
Power supply: AC220V ± 15%
Frequency: 50Hz ± 5%
Detection range: 1ppm —- 100%
Dimensions: 260mm * 250mm * 280mm
Weight: 4kg

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