Automatic acid value tester is based on GB / T 7304 Petroleum products and lubricants – Determination of acid method (potentiometric titration), determination of GB / T 18609 crude acid number (potentiometric titration) and other standards designed by the instrument by potentiometric titration automatically determine the titration end point and automatically calculate the results. The instrument is suitable for the petrochemical industry measurement of crude oil, petroleum products, lubricants and other samples in acid value, determination of the acid is one of the important indicators to determine the quality of the oil. Titration system uses corrosion-resistant materials processing, instrument measurement accuracy, long service life.


Measuring range: ≥0.001 mgKOH / g

Potential measurement range: -1999.9 ~ + 1999.9 mV

Electronic unit basic error: 0.1% F · S ± 0.1mV

Input impedance: ≥1 × 1012 Ω

Burette volume: 10mL

Titration minimum volume: 0.002mL

Burette accuracy: ± 0.1% F · S

Precision: compliance with relevant standards

Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 35 ℃

Power source: AC220 ± 22V, 50Hz


Chinese interface, mouse, keyboard, user-friendly man-machine dialogue

Real-time display potential curve (E-V), the first derivative curve (dE / dV) and electrode potential (E), titration volume (V), titration

The whole process of titration data browsing, powerful data processing capabilities, easy reprocessing results; titration results, data, mass storage curve, titration process data can be saved as an Excel document, to facilitate future inquiries

Experimental data, graphics, results can be saved as word documents, facilitates output or network remote query or paper

Automatically print the curve, and the results of titration data

Dynamic equivalence point titration (DET), Monotonic equivalence point titration (MET), preset end point potentiometric titration (SET)

Titration curve of any move, zoom in, more conducive to the use of graphics and correction processing result

pH measurements (pH: 0 ~ 20pH)

Automatic “end point” discriminating, effectively filter out false “end”

Precision “end” to manually remove or add features

Automatic cleaning, automatic rehydration, automatic setting Dosing

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