Scope of application:

Suitable for plant seed germination, seedling cultivation, bacteria, microorganism culture and preservation, small animals, insect feeding, quality inspection of products and other USES of light, constant temperature experiment.Simulated natural environment, climate through illumination control simulation of day and night, the temperature in the cabinet are adjustable constant, biology, medicine, agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry, environmental sciences and other scientific research departments ideal environmental testing equipment.


  Model P008-150S  P008-250S P008-350S
 Temp Range Have light 10 ~ 65 ℃, no light 5 ~ 65 ℃ Accuracy±0.1℃
 Temperature control uniformity ±1℃
Light intensity 0~10000LX  0~15000LX 0~15000LX
Light intensity setting range5 level(20%、40%、60%、80%、100%)
Timing range 0~99Hours
Power 900W 900W 1200W
Voltage 220V/50HZ
 Work size(mm) 800*500*380 1000*550*450 1000*580*550
 Capacity 150L  250L  350L
 Outside size(mm)1525*735*680 1775*785*750 1775*815*900
 Pack size(mm)1680*810*760 1925*860*830 1925*890*980
Net Weight KG120 155 188
 Pack weightKG128 165 198

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