The RA16 roundness measuring instrument adopt high rigidity precision air bearings as measurement datum, which is high precision and long service life. The electrical control system adopt modular, high-precision data acquisition and processing system, high accuracy, low failure rate and easy maintenance.



Rotary tableBearing TypeGas bearing
Rotation accuracy


Rotating speed6rpm
Adjust table diameter


Table loading capacity


Rotation diameter320mm
Max measure diameter250mm


Min measure inner diameter1mm probe (Optional)
Column (Z-axis )Column transverse travel420mm
Max detection depth100mm (min inner diameter): 30mm)
horizontal arm (X-axis)Horizontal movement100mm
Protrusion amount25mm
DetectorAcquisition deviceCircle grating
Circumference of sampling points4096 points
Sensor typeInductive Sensor
Sensor range±300μm
Sensor resolution



Technical data:


Measurement Capability:Evaluation item: Roundness, concentricity, flatness,Single radial runout

Analytical ability:Spectrum analysis, gap/burr automatically removed, waveform analysis

Roundness evaluation (4 methods): Minimum zone method, least square, minimum circum circle and maximum inscribed circle

Roundness filtering gear: 1-15upr,1-50upr,1-150upr,1-250upr,1-500upr,15-100upr,15-500upr,2-15upr

Filtering expression: Gaussian (ISO standard)


Technical feature:

*High precision desktop roundness, integrated design, saves space;

*Adopt gas spindle: Maintain long-term accuracy, good stability;

*Self-developed software, module design decrease which decrease the users maintenance cost;

* PC configuration is flexible, it can be configured according to user requirements;

* Software aided self-aligning leveling, improve efficiency and save time.

* Standard report is equipped with a variety of evaluation method, the parameters in column test report can be add or delete according to the users requirement;

* Measurement results can choose ISO statistics or ISO standard reports;

* Commutator module for optional;

* Software support XP、win7、win8 system, Chinese and English language.

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