The RS2600L4 Cylindricity measuring instrument adopt multi-factor process, the measurement results are much accurate. And can do assessment of the tapered cylinder profile.On the operation, RS2600L4 model achieve the CNC (computer numerical control), reduce the artificial operation error effectively.

Technical data:

Rotary tableBearing TypeGas bearing
Rotation accuracy(0.025+6H/10000)μm
Rotating speed4,6,8,10rpm
Adjust table diameter180mm
Table loading capacity25kg
Rotation diameter560mm
Max measure diameter280mm


Min measure inner diameter1mm probe (Optional)
Column (Z-axis )Column transverse travel320mm
Max detection depth100mm(min inner diameter: 30mm)
Column straightness0.3μm/100mm
horizontal arm (X-axis)Horizontal movement165mm
Protrusion amount25mm
Detector Acquisition deviceCircle grating
Circumference of sampling points16384 points
Sensor typeInductive Sensor
Sensor range±300μm
Sensor resolution


X rasterRENISHAW grating scale
Z rasterRENISHAW grating scale



Measurement Capability:

Evaluation item:

Cylindricity module: Radial full jump, concentricity, taper, radius;

Roundness module: Concentricity, radial single jump, wall thickness difference;

Straightness module: Parallelism, verticality;

Single section flatness module: Axial single jump, verticality and parallelism;

Multi-section flatness module: parallelism,Axial full jump, verticality;

Commutator module: Single contacts jump, Adjacent contacts jump, intermittent difference of contacts.

Analytical ability:

Cylindricity function: 2~15 section, 3 kinds of evaluation method

Reference base of Evaluation cylinder:LSCY  MZCY  MICY  MCCY  OSCY

Roundness assessment reference circle: LSC  MZC  MIC  MCC

Straightness: vertical direction

Jump: radial single jump, radial full jump, axial single jump

Concentricity: axis elements

Taper: Diameter variations in the range of sensor range

Measurement wave band: 1-15upr,1-50upr,1-150upr,1-250upr,1-500upr,15-100upr,  15-500upr,2-15upr

Gap measurement: YES

Technical characteristics:

◆Flotation motion shaft: Maintain long-term accuracy, good stability

◆Adopt X direction and Z direction double feed inlet RENISHAW raster, not only improve the degree of automation, achieve automatic contact of sensor, but also add small taper and diameter measurement accessibility

◆The main parts adopt special destressing alloy materials and special destressing treatment technology,  maintain long-term accuracy

◆Module design decrease which decrease the users maintenance cost

◆Most advanced compensation algorithm, compensation for each axis accuracy.

◆Software aided self-aligning leveling, improve efficiency and save time.

◆A variety of measurement methods, solve the demand of all kinds of component.

◆Software measurement raw data automatically saved.

It’s switch type, while open this function, all the measurement files automatically saved to plot the current content and the current list, convenient for the measurement data automatically saved.

◆Software support XP、win7、win8 system.

◆Software support Chinese and English language.

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