LR-S205 Key-switch load-displacement curve testing machine


Key-switch load-displacement curve testing machine is suitable for various keys and switches (load-displacement)

Curve test, using WINDOWS Chinese window screen to set, easy to operate and all

Data can be stored (test conditions, displacement curves, life curves, inspection reports — etc.)

The key-switch load-displacement curve testing machine is driven by servo motor, which can provide high precision

Accurate key and switch curve test can be obtained by load – displacement measurement.

LR-S205 Key-switch load-displacement curve testing machine


※ PEAK FORCE, RETURNFORCE, DISTANCE and CLICK rate are available directly

Numerical values are displayed on the graph without manual calculation.

※ the measurement curve is memorized by the computer, which can be enlarged or shrunk at any time.A piece of A4 paper will do

Specifies the placement of N graphs.
※ the upper and lower limit specification values can be input for testing items, and the testing results can automatically determine OK or NO.

※ the maximum measuring stroke and load can be input, and the computer automatically controls it.

The test report can be converted into EXCEL and other document formats.

The inspection report can be automatically generated without any input.

※ the contents of the test report header can be modified at any time.

※ test conditions are set by the computer screen, convenient and fast.

※ test data is stored on hard disk.(every item of data can be stored for unlimited times)

※ the computer directly prints and stores the power displacement curves, and checks the statements.(no need to

Square paper, normally A4 paper)

The load unit displays N, Ib, g and kg, which can be switched freely

LR-S205 Key-switch load-displacement curve testing machine

Test machine specification

Maximum load measured: 2kg

Minimum resolution: 0.1 g

Maximum height: 100mm

Minimum fine-tuning distance: 0.01mm

Measuring speed range: 0-100mm/min

Driving mechanism: ball screw

Drive motor: panasonic servo motor

Appearance size: 300*270*500(W*D*H)mm

Weight: 31Kg (machine)

Power supply: AC110V or 220V

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