LR-SDC-1000       Large platform optical contact Angle Tester


Contact Angle refers to the tangent line of gas-liquid interface made at the intersection point of gas, liquid and solid phases, which is the Angle θ between the liquid side and solid-liquid boundary. The measurement of Contact Angle is the main method of surface performance detection at present.

LR-SDC-1000 type platform contact Angle measurement instrument is using the principle of optical imaging, image contour analysis way to measure the surface contact Angle, wettability, interfacial tension of table, surface energy, such as performance, equipment cost-effective, comprehensive functions, high test precision and can meet the large size products, such as TV flat glass and other special products with conventional sample measurement needs.

LR-SDC-1000       Large platform optical contact Angle Tester


Contact Angle measuring instrument is widely used in various industries, in mobile phone manufacturing, glass manufacturing, surface treatment, material research, chemistry and chemical industry, semiconductor manufacturing, coating ink, electronic circuit, textile fiber, medical biology and other fields, contact Angle measurement has become an important instrument to evaluate the surface performance.

(Some test functions need special accessories to be purchased)

  1. The wetting behavior of liquid on solid surface such as spreading, penetration and absorption, and the static contact Angle is measured by the block drop method;
  2. Forward Angle, backward Angle, contact Angle lag, rolling Angle and dynamic contact Angle measurement of material on solid surface;
  3. Continuous real-time research and process recording of absorbing materials, and curve analysis of contact Angle change with time;
  4. Measurement of contact Angle of various special materials, such as powder, curved surface, superhydrophobic/superhydrophilic samples;
  5. Attachment drop method to test the contact Angle of materials immersed in liquid;
  6. Suspension drop method is used to measure the interfacial tension and its polarity and dispersion components of various liquid surfaces.
  7. Calculation of Surface free energy of solid and analysis of polar dispersion component;
  8. Analyze the adhesion energy of liquid on solid surface and evaluate the uniformity and cleanliness of solid surface.


As shown in the figure above, the contact Angle measuring instrument is mainly composed of light source, injection unit, sample platform, acquisition system and analysis software. The equipment adopts the principle of optical imaging.

The light source adopts intensive LED cold light design, uniform luminous, image cleaning, long life;

The injection unit adopts high-precision injection pump, which is controlled by software quantitative and constant speed, with stable drip and high precision.

Sample table adopts 3d manual fine-tuning platform, flexible operation, accurate positioning, sample table can be customized according to the actual sample size;

The acquisition system adopts black and white imported CCD camera, stable shooting, clear image, real and reliable, the lens adopts telephoto German industrial grade telephoto zoom imported configuration, 0.7-4.5 times magnification adjustable, imaging without distortion;

The analysis software is powerful, with one-button automatic fitting ability, with the world’s leading fitting method, to meet the precise fitting of various droplet forms;


LR-SDC-1000       Large platform optical contact Angle Tester 


Host machine
Boundary dimension1430mm(length)*480mm(Width)* 690mm(height)
Power supply220V / 60HZ
Light source system
Light sourceDense LED adjustable blue tone industrial grade cold light source
Life spanService life of more than twenty-five thousand hours
Injection unit
Injection syringeSpecial high precision quartz syringe, volume 500μL
Dropping liquidSoftware control automatic liquid feeding, precision up to 0.01μL
Injection unit movementUp down 60mm;   left. Right 100mm
Acquisition system
CcdSONY imported high speed industrial grade chip, 25 frames /S, 130W pixel
 Lens0.7-4.5 times hd industrial-grade continuous variable magnification microscope
Acquisition system adjustmentBefore and after 60 mm, view Angle adjustable (smooth inspect, look down, 360 ° rotating Angle of view, etc)
Sample station installation
Work table size400mm*500mm
Maximum sample size21inch
Sample stand movementBefore and after manual movement, stroke 200mm

Left and right manual movement, stroke 250mm

Manual up and down movement, stroke 20mm, accuracy 0.1mm

The platform can be rotated 360°

Analysis software
Measuring range of contact Angle0-180°
Contact Angle measurement accuracy±0.1°
Table interfacial tension measurement range0-2000mN/m
Table interfacial tension measurement accuracy0.01 mN/m
Analyzing software functions1. Automatic fitting method of the most advanced contact Angle measurement and analysis software in China (one-key automatic fitting,

There is no artificial error), including :(Circle method), (Ellipse/ Ellipse), LY, (Differential Circle/Differential Ellipse);

2. Dynamic contact Angle fitting (batch fitting of multiple images) includes:

(Wettability), (Video analysis);

3. (Surface Energy);

4, (Surface tension);

5. (Adhesion work);



Accord with National Standard

1.GB/T 24368-2009(detection of hydrophobic contaminants on glass surface);

2.SY/T5153-2007 (method for determination of wettability of reservoir rocks);

3.ASTM D 724-99 (2003) (Test Method for Surface Wettability of Paper);

4.ASTM D5946-2004 (Measurement of Contact Angle between Plastic Film and water);

5.ISO15989 (Measurement of water contact Angle of plastic film and thin plate corona treated film);

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