LR-SDC-1500     High temperature vacuum contact Angle Tester


Contact Angle refers to the tangent line of gas-liquid interface made at the intersection point of gas, liquid and solid phases, which is the Angle θ between the liquid side and solid-liquid boundary. The measurement of Contact Angle is the main method of surface performance detection at present.

LR-SDC-1500 high temperature and high vacuum contact Angle measuring instrument is the use of optical imaging principle, through the image profile analysis method to measure the sample surface contact Angle, wettability, surface interface tension, surface energy and other properties, equipment is usually used to detect the surface performance of metal materials,The equipment has high cost performance, stable heating, high vacuum degree, comprehensive functions, and can meet the needs of various metal materials research.


1, Metallurgy industry (Metallurgy) : analysis of melt (melt) such as steel, aluminum, copper surface tension value under high temperature conditions;Based on the analysis of contact Angle and surface tension, the reasonable wetting range is controlled and the effective method of removing furnace scale in smelting process is found

2, Welding industry (Welding) : analysis of solder and Welding body contact Angle value and surface tension of solder melt, from and effectively improve the Welding strength

  1. Alloy industry: Analyze the surface tension value of material components to improve the degree of mutual bonding between Alloy materials
  2. Monitoring surface tension of Pottery and glass by analyzing profile changes during heating, sintering, softening, melting, and liquidization

5, Enamel: Enamel surface wettability analysis, improve the surface strength of the glaze

6, Coal and electricity industry (Coal and electricity) : analysis of Coal surface tension value, control reasonable wetting, effective removal of furnace scale

  1. Other tests required by high temperature (Other) : Analyze the surface tension value of molten liquid and the contact Angle value between molten liquid and solid material, and analyze the surface tension and contact Angle value of different temperatures or changes with time.

LR-SDC-1500     High temperature vacuum contact Angle Tester


As shown in the figure above, the contact Angle measuring instrument is mainly composed of six parts: light source, high temperature system, vacuum system, acquisition system, cooling system and analysis software. The equipment adopts the principle of optical imaging.

The light source adopts intensive LED cold light design, uniform luminous, clear and sharp image, long life;

High temperature system is equipped with domestic top high temperature furnace (imported high temperature furnace can be customized), 30 programming high temperature heating facilities heating stability, strong sealing, uniform heating;

Vacuum system adopts imported vacuum molecular pump, high limit vacuum, stable vacuum pumping, equipped with imported vacuum gauge with wide range;

The acquisition system adopts black and white imported CCD camera, stable shooting, clear images, real and reliable, using German industrial ultra-long focal length zoom lens, adjustable 0.7-4.5 times magnification, imaging without distortion;

Cooling system adopts double circulation water cooling device, long working time, adjustable temperature, can better achieve the cooling effect to avoid the hidden danger caused by overheating monitoring part;

The analysis software is powerful, with one-button automatic fitting ability, with the world’s leading fitting method, to meet the precise fitting of various droplet forms;

LR-SDC-1500     High temperature vacuum contact Angle Tester


Host machine
Outsize1730mm(L)*500mm(W)* 710mm(H)
Power220V / 60HZ
Light source system
Light sourceDense LED can adjust blue tone industrial grade cold light source
LifelongThe service life is more than 25,000 hours
Acquisition system
CCDSONY imported high speed industrial chip with 25 frames /S and 130W pixels
 Lens0.7-4.5 times hd industrial-grade continuous variable magnification microscope、working distance500~700mm
Acquisition system adjustmentOptical imaging tilt, -10~10° continuous adjustable, accuracy ±0.1°;±25mm before and after adjustable, height ±10mm;The optical system can realize the fast position change with the sample placement, the stroke is not less than 150mm, and has a locking mechanism
High temperature system
Temperature control rangeNormal temperature to 1700 under normal pressure, normal temperature to 1500 under vacuum condition
Heating systemSilicon molybdenum rod heating element, constant temperature zone length 120mm, intelligent 30 programmable temperature control, the highest heating rate ≤10℃/min, temperature control accuracy, below 1000℃, ±0.1℃, above 1000℃, ±1℃
Heating tubeCompatible with two specifications of heating tube, suitable for two kinds of temperature control range, outer diameter of 60mm, inner diameter of 50mm, length of 1000mm, high density aluminum oxide and quartz material
Temperature measurement systemDual temperature monitoring system, both external and internal, temperature measuring material tungsten – rhenium alloy, measuring accuracy ±0.1℃, can measure the temperature in the heating tube in real time
Window flangeCoaxial double window flange device for contact Angle test, built-in thermocouple temperature measuring hole, built-in vacuum system and protective gas pipeline, built-in double water cooling device.Flange window material is imported quartz material and can be disassembled and replaced.
Vacuum system
Vacuum rangeRoom temperature can reach 10-4Pa, vacuum 10-3Pa
Vacuum measuring rangeMeasuring range 105~10-7Pa, full range high precision vacuum meter
Water cooling system
Temperature range5-35℃
The pump flow15L/min cooling system capacity≥11L
Measured refrigerating capacity1520W
Analysis software
Measuring range of contact Angle0-180°
Contact Angle measurement accuracy±0.1°
Table interfacial tension measurement range0-2000mN/m
Table interfacial tension measurement accuracy0.01 mN/m
Analyzing software functions1. Automatic fitting method of the most advanced contact Angle measurement and analysis software in China (one-key automatic fitting,

There is no artificial error), including :(Circle method), (Ellipse/ Ellipse), LY, (Differential Circle/Differential Ellipse);

2. Dynamic contact Angle fitting (batch fitting of multiple images) includes:

(Wettability)、(Video analysis);

(Surface energy);

(Surface tension);

30 section high temperature setting(Multi section high temperature setting)(software intelligent setting)

(Adhesion work);

Accord with National Standard

1.GB/T 24368-2009(detection of hydrophobic contaminants on glass surface);

2.SY/T5153-2007 (method for determination of wettability of reservoir rocks);

3.ASTM D 724-99 (2003) (Test Method for Surface Wettability of Paper);

4.ASTM D5946-2004 (Measurement of Contact Angle between Plastic Film and water);

5.ISO15989 (Measurement of water contact Angle of plastic film and thin plate corona treated film);

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