Automatic Tilt Contact Angle Measuring Instrument


Contact Angle refers to the tangent of gas-liquid interface made at the intersection of gas, liquid and solid. This tangent is in the Angle theta between the liquid side and the solid-liquid boundary. Contact Angle measurement is the main method of surface performance detection nowadays.

LR-SDC – 350 type the tilting contact Angle measurement instrument is using the principle of optical imaging, image contour analysis way to measure the surface contact Angle, wettability, interfacial tension of table, surface energy, rolling slip (Angle), forward backward Angle and hysteresis, such as performance, equipment using automatic liquid into the device and the tilting device automatically, fully functional, high cost performance, can meet the demand of conventional measurement, has been widely used in many colleges and universities institutes and enterprises.

 Automatic Tilt Contact Angle Measuring Instrument


Host machine
Out size750mm(L)*408mm(W)* 695mm(H)
Power220V / 60HZ
Light source system
Light sourceCompact LED adjustable blue tone industrial grade cold light source
LifelongIts service life is over 25,000 hours
Injection unit
syringeSpecial matching high precision quartz syringe, capacity of 500μL
dropping liquidSoftware control automatic feeding, accuracy up to0.01μL
Injection unit movementUp down 50mm; Left right 50mm
Acquisition system
CCDSONYOriginal imported high-speed industrial chip, 25 frames /S, 130W pixels
lens0.7-4.5 x hd industrial grade continuous variable magnification microscope
Acquisition system regulationFront back 100mm (3mm fine tuning), adjustable Angle of view (elevation, top view, 360° rotation and other multi-angle observation)
Sample table installation
Work table size120mm*150mm
Max sample size6inch
Sample table movementFront back movement manual, stroke 60mm, precision 0.1mm

Move about manually, stroke 35mm, precision 0.1mm

Move up and down manually, stroke 80mm, precision 0.1mm


Integral sloping platformTilt range±90°,tilt accuracy ±0.01°,Tilt rate adjustable
Analysis software
Contact Angle measurement range0-180°
Accuracy of contact Angle measurement±0.1°
Table interface tension measurement range0-2000mN/m
Table interface tension measurement accuracy0.01 mN/m
Analysis software function1、The most advanced contact Angle measurement and analysis software in China is automatic fitting (one-key automatic fitting,There is no human error)include:Circle method、(Ellipse/Oblique ellipse)、LY、  

   (Differential circle / Differential ellipse);

2、Dynamic contact Angle fitting (batch fitting multiple images) Include(Wettability)、(Video analysis);

3、 (Surface energy);

4、 (Forward and backward angle)

5、 (Rolling angle)

6、 (Surface tension);

7、 (Adhesion work);

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