LR-STA300 Integrated thermal analyzer

The following properties of the materials are measured and studied:

DSC: melting, crystallization, phase transformation, reaction temperature and reaction heat, oxidation, etc

TG: thermal stability, decomposition, REDOX, adsorption and desorption, free water and crystal water content, composition ratio calculation, etc

Structural Advantages:

1. The furnace body is heated by precious metal nickel-chromium alloy wire double-row winding system, which reduces interference and is more resistant to high temperature.

2. Tray sensor, made of precious metal nickel-chromium alloy seiko, has the advantages of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

3. The power supply and circulation heat dissipation parts are separated from the main engine to reduce the influence of heat and vibration on the micro thermal balance.

4. Open cover structure, easy to operate. It is difficult to put the sample in the upper moving furnace body, and it is easy to cause the sample rod damage.

5. The host adopts heat insulation device to isolate the heat influence of heating furnace body on the chassis and micro thermal balance.

6. The furnace body can be replaced according to customer requirements

Advantages of controller and software:

1. Independent AD acquisition circuit, sampling speed, fast processing speed, collection frequency can be set.

2. Signal acquisition circuit, which can simultaneously collect TG signal and temperature T signal.

3. USB two-way communication is adopted between the software and the instrument to fully realize remote operation. The parameters of the instrument can be set and the operation of the instrument can be stopped by computer software.

4.7-inch full color 24bit touch screen, better man-machine interface. TG calibration can be achieved on the touch screen

LR-STA300 Integrated thermal analyzer

Technical parameters:

1. Temperature range: room temperature ~1550 ° C

2. Temperature resolution: 0.01℃

3. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.1℃

4. Heating rate: 0.1~100℃/min

5. Temperature control mode: heating, constant temperature, cooling

6 constant temperature time: 0 ~ 300min arbitrary setting (can be extended 72h)

7 cooling time: ≤15min(1000℃~100℃)

8 balance measurement range: 0.1mg ~ 2G can be extended to 5G

9. Accuracy of TG: 0.01mg

10. Resolution of TG: 0.1ug

11.DSC range: 0 ~ ±1000mW

12 DSC resolution: 0.1UW

13. Accuracy: 0.01MW

14. Display mode: 24bit color, 7 “LCD touch screen display

15. Atmosphere device: built-in gas flow meter, including two gas switching and flow size control

Atmosphere: inert, oxidizing, reducing, static, dynamic

16. Software: Intelligent software, TG, DTG, TG-DSC curve data processing, export EXECL, generate PDF map, print experimental reports

17. Data interface: standard USB interface

18. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

19 Software: temperature, calorific value multi point correction function, to meet the different temperature section test

20 crucible type: ceramic crucible, aluminum crucible

21 Software: temperature, calorific value multi point correction function, can meet the high and low temperature sample test

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