LR-TGA101 Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer 

Product introduction

Thermogravimetric analysis (TG, TGA) is to observe the change of sample mass with temperature or time in the process of temperature rise, constant temperature or cooling, in order to study the thermal stability and composition of materials.Widely used in plastic, rubber, coating, drugs, catalysts, inorganic materials, metal materials and composite materials and other fields of research and development, process optimization and quality control.

Measure and study the following properties of materials:

Thermal stability, decomposition process, adsorption and desorption, oxidation and reduction, quantitative analysis of components, additives and fillers.

LR-TGA101 Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer 

Technical parameters:

  1. Temperature range: room temperature ~1200℃
  2. temperature resolution: 0.01℃
  3. temperature fluctuation: ±0.1℃
  4. Heating rate:1~100℃/min
  5. Temperature control mode :PID algorithm control, heating, constant temperature,cooling
  6. Constant temperature time: 0 ~ 300min arbitrarysetting
  7. Balance measurement range: 0.01mg ~ 3g, can be extended to30g
  8. Program control, realize multi-stage heating control 9.DSC range: 0 ~ +600mW
  9. DSC resolution:001mW
  10. Precision of weighing system:01mg
  11. constant temperature time: 0 ~ 300min arbitrary setting
  12. Display mode :24bit color, 7 inch LCD touch screendisplay
  13. Atmosphere device: built-in gas flowmeter, including two gas switch and flow size control, atmosphere: inert, oxidizing, reducing, static,
  14. Software: Intelligent software can automatically record TG curves for data processing and print experimental reports
  15. Curve scanning: heating scanning and coolingscanning
  16. Power supply: There is an isolation shield between power supply and weighing system to avoid ac interference.
  17. AC220V 50Hz
  18. Operating software: it can switch to meet the application switching test of differential, differential heat, thermogravimetric and synchronousheat
  19. Communication interface: USBcommunication
  20. The computer can draw temperature and TG and DSC curves during the

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