The LR-VRH2000 intelligent resistance/demulsification tester is designed according to the test method stipulated in GB/ t7305-2003 GB/ t7305-2003 GB/ t7605-2008 demulsification determination method of oil demulsification degree of turbine engine oil in operation.With 32-bit ARM microcontroller as the core of real-time control, PWM control technology, Pt100 metal platinum resistance as temperature sensor, advanced timing chip.For the determination of a certain volume of liquid, at a certain temperature, the test oil and distilled water of the same volume are stirred to form the emulsion, and the time required for the separation of oil and water (i.e., oil, water interface emulsion layer is equal to or less than 3ml) is determined.

Technical Parameters:

 Applicable standards: GB/ t7305-2003 GB/ t7605-2008

 Display: high – definition color touch screen display, easy to operate, clear, intuitive

 The range of temperature control: at room temperature to 100 ℃

 Temperature control precision: plus or minus 0.01 ℃

 Number of test holes: 4

 The instrument has built-in data storage function, which makes it easy to view data at any time

Stirring speed: 1500 + / – 15r/min

 Working environment temperature: 0-45 ℃

 Power supply: AC220V;50 hz


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