The main engine is two columns, two bars, oil cylinder, and the stretch space is above the host, and the compression and bending test space is between the lower beam of the host and the table.The measuring instrument adopts high definition LCD display, the experimental data is convenient and intuitive.

2.Transmission system

The lower beam can be adjusted by using the motor driven by the reducer, the chain drive mechanism and the screw side drive, and realize the adjustment of the drawing and compression space.

3,The hydraulic system

The hydraulic oil in the oil tank pumps the high-pressure pump into the oil circuit through the motor, which flows through the high pressure filter and sends back the oil valve and enters the cylinder.The measuring instrument collects and analyzes the data through the sensor, and shows the constant force value. The tester realizes the speed of the test force by controlling the flow through the oil delivery valve.

Max force(kN)1000
Test force measurement range4%-100%
Test force indication relative error< The value for±1%
Maximum tensile test space(mm)600
Compression space(mm)500
The piston stroke(mm)200
Column spacing(mm)585
The maximum clamping range of a round sample(mm)Φ13-Φ40
The maximum clamping thickness of flat sample(mm)0-30
The maximum clamping width of flat sample(mm)75
The pressure plate size(mm)φ160mm
The clamping wayHydraulic automatic clamping
Main frame size(mm)950*850*2300
Oil source console size(mm)600×500×1250
Total motor power(kW)2
The total weight(kg)1900

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