LR-YAW-2000B   Automatic Pressure Testing Machine


Measurement and control system with high precision digital servo valve, have force closed-loop control function, can achieve load rate such as load or stress rate loading, such as high control precision, good reliability, electronic measurement is realized by using microcomputer, completion compressive strength test, the automatic calculation and print reports, widely used in the construction industry and testing units.

LR-YAW-2000B   Automatic Pressure Testing Machine

2.Hydraulic system

The hydraulic oil in the tank pumps the high-pressure pump into the oil circuit through the motor, which flows through the one-way valve, the high pressure filter, the differential valve group, and the servo valve, and enters the cylinder.The computer sends out the control signal to the servo valve, controls the opening and direction of the servo valve, and thus controls the flow into the cylinder, and achieves the control of the iso-velocity test force.

Max force(kN)2000
Test force measurement range5%-100%
Test force indication relative error< Value ±1%
Upper and lower pressure plate spacing(mm)320
 piston stroke(mm)50
Column spacing(mm)260
The pressure plate size(mm)Φ300
Main frame size(mm)800*400*1200
The motor power(kW)2

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