LR-YES-2000B Digital Display Press Tester

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The machine adopts the structure of the host and hydraulic system, compact structure and small and exquisite.Using hydraulic loading and electronic measuring force, it has the function of loading and counting rate, peak holding, etc., and equipped with a micro printer.This machine is suitable for the compressive test of cement and building mortar, and it can also be used in the four-point anti-folding test of concrete.

2.The hydraulic system

The hydraulic oil in the oil tank pumps the high-pressure pump into the oil circuit through the motor, which flows through the return valve and enters the cylinder.The measuring instrument collects and analyzes the data through the sensor, and shows the constant force value. The tester realizes the speed of the test force by controlling the flow through the oil delivery valve.

Name Specification
Maximum test force(kN) 2000
Test force measurement range 10%-100%
Test force indication relative error < value ±1%
Upper and lower pressure plate spacing(mm) 320
The piston stroke(mm) 50
Column spacing(mm) 260
The pressure plate size(mm) Φ300
Main frame size(mm) 940*400*1130
The motor power(kW) 0.75
The total weight(kg) 450