LR-ZN320C   Automatic Coating Machine


Laboratory small coating machine using imported matsushita servo motor, through the control of speed and stable pressure to ensure coating effect, ensure coating uniformity and stability, many multinational enterprises research and development institutions, many famous universities at home and abroad.

The advantages of small laboratory coating machine: it can be used in paper, plastic, metal, PVC, PET, cloth, aluminum alloy board and other flat materials repeatedly, continuously coating out smooth, smooth and perfect test samples.It is convenient for laboratory personnel to apply coating accurately on different substrates, reducing and eliminating the error caused by different coating speed and pressure and other human factors.

LR-ZN320C   Automatic Coating Machine


Controller:5inch PLC touched screen

Coating method: scraper/wire rod can be used alternately

Effect area:450*600mm

Coating Accuracy:±0.0025mm

Automatic control:Stroke set/Speed set

Coating speed:1-10m/min,can set

Leveling device:self contained flattening roller

Coating thickness:0.005m-5mm(wet film)

Scraper material:alloy stainless steel material



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