LR-ZT500 Crease Stiffness Tester

Product Introduction

LR-ZT500 Crease Stiffness Tester is applied to measure the crease stiffness and bending stiffness in the quiescent state for all kinds of cardboard and paper boxes (such as cigarette packets). It measures a material’s resistance to bending. This can be done either by measuring the force needed to bend a test piece to a predetermined angle or by measuring and determining the bending stiffness, which is an elastic property of the material.



LR-ZT500 Crease Stiffness Tester


  1. Adopt high precision load sensor, the error can be controlled within 1%, better than±2% standards.2. Double clamp, multi-function. Can measure the bending stiffness of paper and board, also can measure the stiffness of the cardboard cartons and creasing.3. Color touch screen operation system, Aluminum control panel, check or delete the testing records randomly. When it connected to a computer, it can automatically saves test results, also can display test curves of compression resistance and save.

    4. Use standard weight or force measurement device for the accuracy of the calibration value for instrument, convenient user or measurement, the calibration department (third party) with standard weight force calibration value.


LR-ZT500 Crease Stiffness Tester

Technical Parameters:

Measure Range(20-6000)mN
Test Speed300º/min or 200º/min
Load Arm Lengthbending stiffness: 50mm
crease stiffness: 10mm
Bending Anglebending stiffness: 0~90º (in common use:15º)
crease stiffness: 90º

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