LR120     Portable vibration meter

LR120 Portable vibration meter, suitable for conventional vibration measurement, especially vibration measurement in reciprocating machinery, it can measure the acceleration, speed or displacement of vibration, but also can measure the frequency of vibration.

This product adopts optimized filtering method, so that in the multi-interference measurement environment, still maintain stable and accurate measurement value.In addition, the product has a compact appearance, white backlight display is clear and easy to read, and has high flexibility in complex use environment.


LR120     Portable vibration meter

Function Features

DisplayMenu operation, easy to operate white backlight display, easy to use in dark environment
data communicationWith USB interface, data communication with PC.
Measuring functionAcceleration Peak value, velocity effective value and displacement peak-peak value can be measured.At the same time, the frequency or speed of vibration can be measured.
data storageCan store 100 points (10 groups per point) a total of 1000 sets of single measurement values and measurement time.
signal transfer outputUpper warning value can be set in advance, and an alarm will be issued when the measured value exceeds the warning value.
calibrationWith automatic software calibration function.
BatteryPowered by 2 AA batteries, it has long working and standby time. LCD display battery logo, real-time display of the current remaining battery.


LR120     Portable vibration meter

Standard configuration


LR120 vibration meter host1 pc
AA battery2 pcs
piezoelectric sensor1 pc
Magnetic suction seat1 pc
operating manual1 pc




Packing Box


1 set




The probe component1 set


LR120     Portable vibration meter

Main technical parameters


Vibration measurement rangeaccelerated speed:0.1 m/s2 ~ 199.9 m/s2(peak value)

speed:0.1 mm /s ~ 199.9mm /s(effective value)

displacement:0.001mm ~ 1.999mm(Peak-Pea)

Frequency domainaccelerated speed L: 10Hz~1kHz

accelerated speed H: 1kHz~10kHz

speed: 10Hz~1kHz

displacement: 10Hz~500Hz

Error excepted±5%
Frequency measurement range3Hz~1000Hz
Error excepted±5%
Temperature range0℃~40℃
Humidity range≤80%RH
DisplayLCD,128×64 Graphic dot matrix LCD, LED backlight
Data storage10×10 measurements
Limit alarmhave
BatteryAA battery,2 pcs



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