LR140 portable hardness tester


Model LR140 portable hardness tester can directly measure different types of hardness value including (HRC, HRB, HRA), Leeb (HL), Brinell (HB), Vickers (HV),and Shaw (HS). In accord with international standards it’s also can meet the “Leeb hardness tester technical conditions ZBN7l 010-90” and the “metal in the hardness test method GB / T 17394-1998” Leeb hardness standard JB/ T9378-2001 standards which are issued by the Ministry of Machinery Industry and National Quality and Technical Supervision.

One LR140 main device can be equipped with seven different impact devices which identify the impact of device type automatically and replaced without recalibration. With low-power design and high-performance Li batteries which can achieve ultra-long standby time work it has more compact and flexible design increases user flexibility.


LR140 portable hardness tester


  • All English menu display is easy to manipulate. White backlight display for better use in dark environments.
  • With Micro-USB port, it provide a variety of communication methods to adapt to the individual needs of different users.
  • Seven impact devices are available for one main device. Automatically identify the type

of impact devices without re-calibration.

  • Large capacity memory could store 48~350 groups (impact average times32~1 ) information

including single measured value, mean value, testing date, impact direction, impact times,

material and hardness scale etc.

  • Conversion to tensile strength(U.T.S).
  • For all metallic materials.
  • Provide operation hint in all display interface with button ‘Help’.
  • Provide software calibration function.
  • High-performance Li battery with charging circuit providing extra-long working time and stayby time. Battery logo, display the current remaining capacity.
  • Dataview software based on user’s requirements can be equipped to meet the higher demands in quality assurance, activities and management.


LR140 portable hardness tester

[Technical Specification]

  • Measuring range: 170~960 HLD
  • Measuring direction: 360°
  • Hardness Scale: HL, HRC, HRB, HRA, HV, HB, HS
  • Display: dot matrix LCD 128×64 dots
  • Data storage: 350 groups maxim, relative to impact times 32~1
  • Charging power supply: 5VDC,220VAC
  • Charging time: 5~8h
  • Battery: 4.2V,Li(1800mAh)
  • Using temperature: 0~40℃
  • Storage temperature: -25~70℃
  • Continuous working period: 100h (without backlight)
  • Conmmunication port: Micro-USB
  • Outline dimensions:179×77×35mm
  • Wight: 175g (main device)







Standard Configuration

1Main uni.1
2D type impact device1
3Support ring1
4Cleaning brush (I)1
5High value test block1
7Communication cable1
8YH140 Dataview software1

Optional  Configuration

9Other type of impact devices and support rings 
10High, medium, low HLD value test block

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