LR3500 Carbon black content tester


The instrument is suitable for cable and optical cable insulation and sheath materials, plastic pipes, plastic particles, masterbatch and so on in the carbon black content test of carbon black content determination. Black carbon was measured by gravimetric analysis of samples decomposed at high temperature under nitrogen protection. The instrument has the advantages of convenient use, simple operation, reliable work, accurate measurement, automatic temperature control and so on. The content of carbon black is an important technical index in the product performance. The content of carbon black has a certain influence on the hardness, elasticity, abrasion resistance and insulation of the material.

LR3500 Carbon black content tester

Compliance with standards: ISO 6964, GB/T 13021, IEC 60811-4-1, GB/T 2951.41, JTG E50 T1165,

ASTM D1603-2012, CJ/T 125-2000, GB/T2951.41-2008 and other standards (not limited to the above standards)

LR3500 Carbon black content tester

Technical parameters:

1. Display mode: liquid crystal display

2. Furnace size: φ31 ×350±5mm

3. Heating element: high temperature alloy wire

4. Length of heating area: 200mm

5. Length of constant temperature zone: 150mm

6. Operating temperature: room temperature ~1050℃

7. Temperature control mode: intelligent programmable control

8. Power supply: AC220V/50HZ(can be customized)

9 sensor sensitivity: 0.1℃

10. Air route control: two routes

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