LR3500P Carbon black content tester


Carbon black content tester is suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutene plastic, cable and optical cable insulation and sheath materials, rubber in the determination of carbon black content. In line with the national standard GBT 3515-2005, GBT 13021-1991, GB/T2951.41-2008, IEC60811-4-1:2004, etc. A certain amount of samples were pyrolyzed at high temperature in a nitrogen stream, and the carbon black content was obtained by analyzing the weight of samples after pyrolysis.

LR3500P Carbon black content tester

Technical Features:

1. The instrument has beautiful appearance and structure and simple operation;

2. The integrated design of heating furnace body and control system facilitates the user’s instrument management.

3. High degree of automation, just set the temperature value and heating time, the instrument automatically rises to the set value;

4. High temperature control accuracy, large temperature range, high uniformity of furnace temperature;

5.7-inch LCD touch screen display, very friendly operation interface, one click operation start

6. With constant temperature function, and can set the constant temperature time, high temperature precision;

7. The instrument can set any group of different heating time, can have different heating temperature, heating rate, constant temperature time;

8. The parameter display is comprehensive, showing the number of setting groups, theoretical temperature, actual temperature, heating time (or constant temperature time);

9. During the operation of the instrument, you can check the set parameters and the time of heating or constant temperature.

LR3500P Carbon black content tester

Technical parameters:

1. Display mode: 7-inch capacitive touch screen

2. Quartz tube size: φ44×600±5mm

3. Furnace size: φ45 ×300±5mm

4. Heating element: high temperature alloy wire

5. Length of heating area: 300mm

6. Length of constant temperature zone: 250mm

7. Operating temperature: room temperature ~1150℃

8. Temperature control mode: intelligent programmable control, segment program can be set.

9. Power supply: AC220V/50HZ/60HZ

10 sensor sensitivity: 0.1℃

11. Air route control: two routes, automatic program switching

12. Cooling method: rapid cooling (≤20min, 900℃ to room temperature)

13. Number of test samples: 4 samples at a time

14. Data calculation: the software comes with the calculation function, one-key calculation; Can automatically calculate the carbon black content, ash content.

15. Exhaust gas collection device, filter device (optional)

16. Customized guide rail type sample rack, easy to take and lofting

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