LR3500S Carbon black content tester

Carbon black content tester is suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutene plastic, cable and optical cable insulation and sheath materials, rubber in the determination of carbon black content. Comply with the national standard GBT 3515-2005, GBT 13021-1991, GB/T2951.41-2008, IEC60811-4-1:2004 and other standards, not limited to this. A certain amount of samples were pyrolyzed in a nitrogen stream at high temperature, and then switched to oxygen for calcination. Finally, the carbon black content and ash content were calculated by analyzing the weight of samples after pyrolysis.

LR3500S Carbon black content tester

Technical parameters

1. Display mode: 7-inch capacitive touch screen

2. Quartz tube size: φ44×600±5mm

3. Furnace size: φ45 ×360±5mm

4. Heating element: high temperature alloy wire

5. Length of heating area: 300mm

6. Operating temperature: room temperature ~1200℃

7. Temperature control mode: intelligent programmable control, segment program can be set.

8. Power supply: AC220V/50HZ/60HZ

9 sensor sensitivity: 0.1℃

10. Air route control: two routes, automatic program switching

11. Cooling method: rapid cooling (≤20min, 900℃ to room temperature)

12. Number of test samples: 4 samples at a time, the efficiency is increased by 4 times

13. Data calculation: the software comes with the calculation function, one-key calculation; Can automatically calculate the carbon black content, ash content.

14. Customized guide rail type sample rack, easy to take and lofting

15. Open cover type, rapid cooling, reduce test cooling time

16. With exhaust gas filter device (optional)

17. With printing function, you can print reports directly

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