LX-F Sponge Hardness Test Machine Equipment

Product introduction:

LX-F sponge hardness tester is for facilitating the clients to measure the hardness of foam and special custom, it is suitable for the determination of soft foam, polyurethane foam rubber products hardness. The hardness tester is different with other hardness tester used in measurement, when use, presser foot directly contact on the sample, and uses its own as a test load weight.


LX-F Sponge Hardness Test Machine Equipment

Method of use:

Hand the middle part of the instrument, place the durometer lightly on the flat sample (or specimen) that is larger than the presser foot. When the presser foot of the durometer contacts the sample steadily, the reading will be within one second. At this moment, the scale indicated by the pointer is the hardness value of the tested sample (specimen). In order to improve the accuracy of measurement, the sample should be placed on a flat glass or flat plate. Each measurement point should be measured only once. The measurement points at different parts more than 25mm apart on the same sample should be no less than 5 points. The average value of the measurement results is the hardness value of the sample material.


LX-F Sponge Hardness Test Machine Equipment

Technical Parameter:

Model  LX-F Sponge and Foam Material Hardness Tester
Press needle stroke range0 ~ 2.5 mm
Dial value0 to 100 degrees
Force at the tip of the needle550mN ~ 4300mN (56 ~ 438.5g)
Specimen thickness25-30mm

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