Manual U-V Notch Machine


The broaching machine for manual structure, can according to user requirements and configuration V, U 2 mm gap of broach, one sample hole forming in one time and is very simple, reliable operation, work out the v-notch with gap (2 mm) can meet U GB229-94 metal charpy notched impact test method and ASTM, EZ3, ISO148 standards at home and abroad;The developed U type gap (3mm) can meet the requirements of DVM sample in the DIN50115 standard.

Because of the principle of a pull – cutting process, its processing uniformity is excellent, which can guarantee that the sample gap is 100 %.

All in all, this bed is a necessary equipment for chemical testing laboratories of metallurgy, boiler pressure vessel, vehicle, engineering machinery manufacturing and scientific research.

Manual U-V Notch Machine

Main technical indicators:

Machining sample gap: V coincidence (GB229-94, ISO148)

(2mm, GB229-94)

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 55mm

Pull knife stroke: 350mm

Pull speed: 2.5mm/min

Dimensions: 350 x 350 x 700 (length x width x height) mm

Weight: 100 kg

Another match: U-shaped broach (or V-shaped knife)

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