MFI MFR Testing Machine Product introduction:

It is designed  with GB/ t3682-2018, ASTM D1238, JB/T5456, ISO1133 standards, for the determination of thermoplastic melt mass flow rate (MFR) and melt volume flow (MVR) instruments.To measure the mass flow rate of the melt, manual and automatic sampling is adopted, and the interval of cutting is prompted by the alarm of the computer, and the balance is weighed. measurement of melt volume flow rate is through the displacement sensor and automatic timing system, first measure the required time for the piston to move the specified distance, and then calculate the volume flow rate according to the formula.The final results of the two methods are printed out by a microprinter.

MFI MFR Testing Machine Character

Melt index instrument color touch-screen display, PLC control machine control, circuit modular, measurement data is accurate, the operation is simple, intuitive and clear, stable and reliable performance, it is not only applicable to the high melting temperature of polycarbonate (PC), fluorine plastic, nylon and other engineering plastics, can also be applied to polyethylene (PE), ABS resin with lower melting temperature, such as plastic test, widely used in plastic production, plastic products, petrochemical and other industries as well as universities and colleges, scientific research units, the commodity inspection department.

Test Standard

MFI MFR Testing Machine conforms to GB3682;ISO1133;ASTM D 1238.ASTM D 3364.DIN53735;UNI – 5640;Jjg878-94 and other standards, and according to the JB/T5456 “melt flow rate meter technical conditions” standard manufacturing.

Technical parameters of melt flow rate meter

(1) extruded material:

Mouth Φ 2.095±0.005 mm inner diameter

The length of the die is 8.000± 0.025mm

Cylinder bore Φ 9.550±0.025 mm

Drum length 152± 0.1mm

Piston rod head diameter 9.475± 0.015mm

Piston rod head length 6.350 ±0.100 mm

Quality of test load (level 8)

LevelMass kgWeightNMade up
1Level0.3253.187Piston rod + weight pallet + heat shield +NO.1 weight
2Level1.20011.770.325+NO.2 0.875weight
3Level2.16021.180.325+NO.3 1.835weight
4Level3.80037.260.325+NO.4 3.475weight
5Level5.00049.030.325+NO.5 4.675weight
6Level10.00098.070.325+NO.5 4.675weight+NO.6 5.000
7Level12.000122.580.325+NO.5 4.675 +NO.6 5.000+NO.7 2.500
8Level21.600211.820.325+NO.2 0.875 +NO.3 1.835+NO.4 3.475+NO.5 4.675+NO.6 5.000+NO.7 2.500+NO.8 2.91

The relative errors of piston rod and combined weight are no more than 0.5%

(3) time range: 0 ~ 999s

(4) the range of temperature control: 50 ~ 400 ℃

Accuracy: + / – 0.5 ℃ resolution: 0.1 ℃

(5) piston stroke measurement range 0 ~ 50mm accuracy 0.05mm

(6) time measurement range: 0 ~ 999.99s accuracy 0.1s

(7) overall dimensions :(length width height) 550 370 600mm

(8) weight (kg) : 25kg weight of the main engine, 21.6kg


Meet the standards:

GB/T 3682 “thermoplastics – determination of melt mass flow rate and melt volume flow rate”

ISO 1133 plastics – determination of melt mass flow rate and melt volume flow rate of thermoplastics

JB/T 5456 technical conditions for melt flow rate meter

Iv. Melt flow rate measuring device features:

  1. Industrial PLC control, suitable for long working time, with stable quality and long life
  2. The heating jacket is an integral structure, with fast heating speed and high constant temperature accuracy.
  3. Comprehensive performance, temperature, time, displacement.To control the
  4. High-precision linear sliding resistance is adopted for displacement measurement;

Display mode;Touch screen display

  1. Scraping method;Automatic, manual

7 test methods: mass method (MFR), volume method (MVR)


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