MMD-SV100 Benchtop Roughness Tester,Surface Roughness Analyzer 

Principle of instrumental

The instrument is cartesian coordinate measuring method, stylus contact type. Axis X uses high-precision linear guide rail as the benchmark, axis Z1 uses digital sensor to map the coordinate points of the surface contour shape of the measured parts, and carries out mathematical operation and processing on the original data collected by the sensor through computer software to mark the required measurement items.

Measurement functions

Roughness analysis: Ra, Rq, Rz, Rp, Rt, Rsk, Rsm, Rc, Rz(DIN), R3z, Rz(JIS), Rpmax

Rpm, Rku, Rdq/R△q, RδC, Mr1, Mr2, Rpk, Rvk, Rk, Rdc, A1, A2

Rx, AR, Rpc, Rmax, RZ-ISO, 4um, Ry

Ripple analysis: Wt, Wa, Wp, Wv, Wq, Wc, Wku, Wsk, W, Wx, Wz, Wsm, Wdc, Wte

Wmr, Aw, C(Wmr), Wmr(C), Wdq/W△q

Original contour analysis: Pt, Pa, Pp, Pv, Pq, Pc, Pku, Psk, Pdq/ P-Q, Psm, Pdc, Pmr(C), Pz

The Pmr, C (Pmr)

MMD-SV100 Benchtop Roughness Tester,Surface Roughness Analyzer 

Technical Specification

Measure rangeX axis driver100mm

Roughness and contour sharing

Column height400mm
Measure accuracyX Axis

(L=X axis Moving guide distance)

Z1 Axis

(H=Z1 axisd direction measure height)

salvage value contour≤0.005μm
Error value≤±(5nm+0.1A)
Indication repeatability≤±3%
X axisstraightness0.6μm /100mm
sensortypeGrating sensor
Evaluate  lengthλc×3、4、5、6、7
Cutoff wavelength0.025、0.08、0.25、0.8、2.5、8mm
Motion controlSpeed of rail movement0.02mm–4.0mm/s
Measurement speed0.02mm– 4.0mm/s

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