Mobile phone distortion tester


Mobile phone distortion testing machine is an instrument for testing various types of mobile phone distortion durability test. After fixing the mobile phone in the fixture, the rotation torque and Angle can be set, and later repeated torsion can be used to test the torsion resistance of the mobile phone.


The experiment simulated the distorted action of the mobile phone during the user’s use.

One end of the length direction of the mobile phone is fixed in the twisted fixture, and the other end is floating in the fixed fixture start the testing machine, set the torque value the motor drives the twisted fixture to rotate in both directions, and the touch screen displays the torque value in real time.

Mobile phone distortion tester


Torque value can be displayed in real time and test torque can be set.

Reasonable structure design, unique, suitable for different types of mobile phones.

Large touch screen interface control, PLC control equipment running stable, low noise, maintenance free.

Mobile phone distortion tester

Technical parameters

1. Number of stations: 1 per set

2. Operation mode: touch screen

3. Torque: 1 ~ 4 N.m(adjustable)

4. Twisting frequency (beat) : 1 ~ 20 times/minute (keeping time adjustable)

5. Counter: 6 bits (built-in)

6. Voltage: 220V;Power: 750 w

7, appearance size: 600 ㎜ * 550 ㎜ * 400 ㎜;

8. Weight: 60kg

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