Notebook computer 180 ° rotating shaft torque tester

Notebook computer 180 ° rotating shaft torque tester can simulate whether the rotation shaft still has the holding force or the rotation shaft resistance becomes too large to damage the plastic body of the laptop computer after opening and closing the upper cover for many times.

System composition :

1. Frame:

A. Drive: mitsubishi servo motor drive, high precision positioning accuracy, large torque, can be used for a long time;

B. Transmission: adopt Japanese synchronous belt double arm transmission, high efficiency, smooth operation, low noise, ensure no shaking on both sides;

C. Guide: Japanese THK precision sliding rail is used as the swing guide of the rotating shaft, with low friction, stable and durable;

D. Table top: the height and bottom of the fixed working platform can be adjusted to ensure that the rotating shaft and rocker arm are concentric;

2. Control:

I. Man-machine interface: color LCD touch control panel is adopted to display test parameters/data such as setting Angle, current Angle, running speed, setting frequency, tested frequency and residence time, etc.;

Ii. PLC: mitsubishi PLC is adopted, with high reliability and durability;

Iii. Angle: Japanese LINE photoelectric encoder is adopted for Angle measurement with high precision.

Iv. Rotation Angle, speed, number of tests and height of test bed can be set.

Notebook computer 180 ° rotating shaft torque tester

Technical indicators:

1. Determine the maximum load: 100kgf

2, test Angle range: 5 ~ 180 °

1. Test speed range: 2~20rpm

2, the Angle resolution: 1 °

3, precision Angle: plus or minus 2 °

4. Coverage time range: 1~1.8 SEC

5. Clamshell delay range: 1~1.8 SEC

6. Frequency setting range: 1~999999 times

7. Batch setting range: 1~32000 times

9. Batch residence time: 1~999sec

10. Table size: actual shall prevail

11. Machine size: in kind

12. Weight: about 185kgf

13. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz 10A

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