Offset Ink Printability Tester

Offset Ink Printability Tester Function

1.Color proofing multistage can simultaneously print different colors of color or different ink thickness of the same ink color, or can print new and old ink on the same printing material for comparison, providing efficient color contrast.

2.Four color ink detection can detect the ink color phase, gloss, color concentration;From the control of ink raw material quality, so as to achieve the control of printing product quality.

3.For customers’ pre-printing spot color approval, simple color strips can make for customers’ pre-printing approval or archiving.

4. spot color ink color strips need for the display of dry and wet ink color developing machine can knowafter the spot color dry naturally.(for example: purple and dark blue can turn red after dry, which can  eliminate before printing.)

5.It can e use with ink quantitative instrument to predict the usage of spot ink, greatly reduce the loss of ink and store accumulation.

6.Data-based management and spectrophotometric density meter can check color, and the data report of color bar can  measure (Lab value).

7.With relevant instruments, it can predict the characteristics of ink abrasion resistance, color fading, transfer and light resistance and heat resistance.

Offset Ink Printability Tester Character

  1. Automatic ink leveling (the pressure, time and speed of ink leveling can  adjust);
  2. The development speed and pressure can  adjust;
  3. The structure of multi-stage color developing roller can develop 4 color strips (ink of different thickness or different color phases) at the same time;
  4. With the use of quantitative instrument, the thickness of color stripe ink layer can  control accurately, making the color matching system database very convenient;
  5. Simple operation and easy cleaning;

6.The instrument is precise and durable.

Offset Ink Printability Tester Specification

Instrument power: AC220V 50Hz 250W,

The net weight of the whole machine: about 75KG. Effective area of ink color bar: 40X200mm(4 pieces) 60X200mm(3 pieces) 100X200mm(2 pieces), optional

Instrument dimensions: 525x430x280mm

Uniform ink speed: 500, 650 and 800 revolutions per minute on the control panel of the equipment.The detachable equipment case is adjustable speed by inverter without pole in the machine.

Printing speed: 10, 15, 20 revolutions per minute on the control panel of the equipment.

The detachable equipment case is adjustable speed by inverter without pole in the machine.

Uniform ink time: 1 to 50 seconds,

Printing pressure: 0 to 2mm

Glue stick (ordinary ink stick, UV ink stick optional)

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