Clamping tester Packaging gripping force testing machine 

Packaging clamping force testing machine is used to simulate the impact of the clamping force of two cleats on packaging and goods when loading and unloading packaging parts, to evaluate the clamping strength of packaging parts, suitable for kitchenware, furniture, household appliances, toys and other finished packaging, especially suitable for the anti-clamping strength test of packaging parts required by SEARS.

Clamping tester Packaging gripping force testing machine 

 Main technical parameters:

1. Operating voltage: AC 220V/50HZ;

2. Lifting sample weight: 0-300KG

3. Force controller: LCD display maximum rupture force value, holding pressure time, displacement

4. Sensor accuracy: 1/20000, measurement accuracy 0.5%;

5. Lifting displacement: lifting displacement 70-1000mm (according to customer requirements) lifting displacement precision to the scale;

6. Left and right stroke displacement: 0-1200mm

7. Clamping plate size: 1200*1200mm

8. Clamping experiment speed: up and down 500mm/min; About 1-100mm/min(adjustable)

9. Holding force: 0-2000kg

10. Transmission mode: servomotor

11. Protection device: leakage protection, travel limit device, overload protection, overvoltage protection, power protection, emergency stop device;

12. Splint sensor: Four

13. Machine size: 1550*1200*2000mm

14 machine splint: according to customer requirements to add anti-slip pad, the use of high-quality anti-slip rubber pad, to ensure that the packaging sample in the test process is not easy to slip and damage.

Test method:

1. Repeated clamping release

2. Holding time of clamping

3. Clamping – lifting – dropping – release – fixed times (The third test method is independently developed by our company according to the needs of foreign customers, ordinary machines can only achieve the first test method, not the second and third test methods)

 Clamping tester Packaging gripping force testing machine 

Structure and working principle:

1) Bottom plate:

floor with compound with high rigidity and strength, aging treatment after processing installation surface;

around the base plate and the central has the warning line, middle line for testing a reference line at the same time, the test specimen center for this line, and people can’t stand on the floor.

2) Transmission beam:

the transmission cross arm around two servo motor drive screw clamp arm at the same time movement, speed adjustable clamping in the specimen to achieve power set, by the built-in clip arm after pressure sensor sensing to make it stop.

3) Servo system:

when clamping force transmission cross arm two clamp arm reach and stopped, servo control station control servo by chain transmission cross arm make up, stop, and down the action, test people cross arm, on both sides.

4) Electrical control system:

1. the machine adopts special clamping system control, to realize the effective control of each station action;

2. the whole machine is provided with a control cabinet, set the clamping force, clamping speed and lifting stop, and can choose the manual or automatic test mode on the panel of the control cabinet, in the manual test, can manually control the action, in the automatic test, to realize the consistent operation of the action, ensure the safety of production, and run according to the beat;

3.the panel of the control cabinet is provided with an emergency stop button;


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