PGA-16L High Purity Air Generator Tester

Use and structure

PGA-10L oil-free air generator is widely used in the medical industry, food industry and other need for clean air source equipment, but also for various types of domestic and foreign analytical instruments and equipment supporting the ideal air source. Such as atomic absorption, gas chromatography, fermenter, smoke tank, and other analytical instrument products.


PGA-16L High flow air generator



1. In order to ensure the stability of the output gas and the appearance of corrosive water, the gas storage tank has a large volume and is made of stainless steel


2. In order to ensure the effect of water separation, gas filtration and the quality of output gas, the condenser has a good heat dissipation effect, and when there is water in the water distributor, press the manual water release button.


1. The gas path of the whole machine from the structure of the popular PVC pipe and quick plug structure, so that the box internal gas path is reasonable, the machine is equipped with universal casters, easy to move, low noise, long service life, long-term use without oil, oil output gas, clean.


2. In order to prolong the life of the compressor, the air pressure starting and pressure control are set.

PGA-16L High flow air generator

Main technical parameters


Rated exhaust pressure: 0.6Mpa


Nominal exhaust flow: ≥10L/min


Machine noise: less than 55dB(A)


Power supply: single-phase AC 220V 50HZ


Rated operating current: 6A


Net weight: 34Kg


Dimensions: 400×300×710mm


Operating environment: The ambient temperature is lower than 30°C


The ambient humidity is not higher than 80%

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