Plate method heat conductor(Low temperature)


It has many advantages such as large area test samples, many kinds of test materials (single material or composite material), high precision temperature control, reliable and stable performance, high degree of control automation, simple operation and so on.

Scope of test:

Single material: foam plastic (heat insulation material with flat surface, plate), polyurethane, phenolic, urine aldehyde, mineral wool (glass wool, rock wool, mineral wool), cement wall.

Composite materials: glass reinforced composite board CRC, cement polystyrene board, sandwich concrete, glass fiber reinforced plastic panel composite board, paper honeycomb board.

Plate method heat conductor(Low temperature)

Technical parameters:

1. Larger tester size. Length * Width * thickness: 300*300*50mm

2. Temperature control accuracy: 0.05℃

3. Resolution: 0.01℃

4. Larger setting temperature of hot plate: 80℃

5. Minimum set temperature of cold plate: -20℃

6. Measuring accuracy: 3%

7. Measurement range of thermal conductivity: 0.010 ~ 5.000 W (K.m)

8. Power supply: AC 220V

9. Appearance size: 552*550*760mm (length width height)

Plate method heat conductor(Low temperature)

Features of the instrument:

1. The surface temperature is accurate and uniform. In the design, a large area of whole copper plate is used as the temperature control panel to improve the consistency of the surface temperature of the sample.

2. Advanced control system. It can control the temperature quickly and stably.

3. Friendly man-machine interface. Cold, hot plate temperature and heat flow power can be visually displayed by the color large screen LCD.

4. Simple operation. The cold plate adopts pneumatic mode, and the sample is automatically closed after being installed in place.

5. Intelligent data processing. Highly automated COMPUTER data communication and report processing system, plate heat conductor with computer communication interface, real-time display temperature curve.

6. Automatically generate and print the test report. Software built-in test records, data processing and report format, automatically issued the test report.

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