Pm-550 Precious Metal Analyzer

PM-550 Carat level identification instrument Precious metal analyzer
High resolution, easy operation, super clear camera, fast detection, user-friendly interface. Full touch screen operation, easy to use, monochrome focused X-ray fluorescence spectrometry.

PM-550 Carat level identification instrument Precious metal analyzer
Basic principles and requirements

Range of analysis elements:15P-92UContent detection range:1 PPM – 99.99%
Operating voltage:AC220V+10%, 50HzWorking environment:

Temperature :10-35C, relative humidity

Test timeSimple screening ≤100s; Accurate quantitative 300sMode of operationFull touch screen operation, software operation interface is simple, easy to use
Method of measurementMonochromatic focused X-ray fluorescence spectrometryOptical systemA monochrome focusing system based on HDXRF technology

PM-550 Carat level identification instrument Precious metal analyzer

Technical specifications of the host

Analysis accuracyRSD< 0.0003%, Au>99.999DetectorHigh performance Fast SDD detector, integrated package,

Energy resolution < 129eV±5

Digital multichannel multichannel analyzer4096 channelsHigh voltage power supply50KV/1mA, power 50W; High precision digital control of high voltage power supply, 8-hour stability ≤0.03%
X-ray tubeAdopt high-quality air-cooled side window X-ray tube and tungsten targetCollimation and filter systemthree groups of collimation and filter system automatically switch to realize the classification and accurate measurement of dozens of elements such as other K, CaFeZn
Sample cavity sizelength, width and height 265mmx310mmx80mmMachine weight<35Kg
Indicator deviceThe two-sided three-color switching light belt is used to indicate three different states of the instrument through different colors: power off state/power on standby state/working test stateProtection systemThe instrument X-ray detector has a special protection system to prevent the detector from being damaged by human error
Qualification CertificationThe instrument has passed CE certification, and the whole machine has good anti-vibration performance, conforming to GB/T4857.10-2005

PM-550 Carat level identification instrument Precious metal analyzer
Application field

1.Jewelry manufacturing
2.Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision
3.Cash and gold exchange
4.Retail industry
6.Recycling industry

PM-550 Carat level identification instrument Precious metal analyzer
Application example

1.Test precious metal Au/Pt/Ag/Pd accurate analysis
2.Carat grade identification of gold was carried out on site :0-24kt
3.Check the gold content of scrap metal
4.Identify impurity materials
5.Identification of unknown metals

PM-550 Carat level identification instrument Precious metal analyzer
Analysis and carat grading of gold and other precious metals

1. At present, the use of XRF analyzer for chemical composition analysis and purity judgment of precious metals has become a widely used, popular and reliable method supported by national standards. Compared with spark assay and chemical reagent assay, XRF analysis of precious metals is a more rapid and economical multi-element detection method.
2. The analyzer produced by us provides users with a convenient and cost-effective detection technology. It does not need to probe the detection tool into the material of the tested sample, nor does it damage the tested sample, so that the information of the alloy chemical composition of the sample can be obtained and the carat grade of the sample can be determined. Whether you are buying precious metals like gold, selling or producing jewelry, making metals, or recycling scrap metals, you need to know how to judge the carat level with extreme precision.
3. Accurate analysis results of various types of samples can be obtained quickly
PM-550 Carat Level Identification Instrument

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