PNA-300/500 Nitrogen Air Integrated Generator Tester


 The instrument is a set of nitrogen, air generator as one instrument. It is our company on the basis of PGN type high purity nitrogen generator, PGA type air generator, integration of modern technology, in order to meet the needs of the market and design, and launched to the market generation of products.

PGN part, using stainless steel multilayer plate electrolytic separation technology, used for gas chromatograph FID, TCD detector, suitable for all kinds of gas chromatograph at home and abroad.

PNA-300/500 Nitrogen Air Integrated Generator Tester
Model300 500

Purity (relative oxygen content)

work stressFlow rate /min
 airOil-free stage 30.4Mpa0-2 L0-5 L
supply voltageAc 220V 50Hz  
environment temperature0-40℃ Relative humidity <85%  
environmental conditionsNo large amount of dust and corrosive gas  
maximum power 230W300W
Dimensions520X280X400mm (L×W×H)  
Weight 33Kg34Kg

PNA-300/500 Nitrogen Air Integrated Generator Tester

Instrument characteristics


1, laboratory instrumentation, can replace the traditional high pressure cylinder.


2. Can be used alone or simultaneously; Gas production purity does not decay.


3, easy to operate, just start the power switch can produce gas, output flow is stable, nitrogen, hydrogen system is equipped with LED digital display, more eye-catching intuitive.


4, set the advantages of PGN type PGA series generator and similar products, and has multistage protection device, is safe, reliable, convenient combination.


5, PGN nitrogen part is the use of multilayer plate structure repeated purification method, greatly improve the purity, really realize the ideal of two gas bottle in the laboratory;


6. The air part of PGA has the advantages of three-stage purification, bipolar voltage regulation and multistage protection.


7. The nitrogen system is equipped with a non-return liquid device, which can effectively ensure that the instrument has no return liquid phenomenon.


8, daily use only need to add distilled water.


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