Main performance characteristics:

Single precision quality sensor (external calibration sensor)

One-click automatic internal calibration function (no such function in external school)

Level 6 anti-shock filter adjustable function

LCD large screen backlight display

The weighing and stabilization time can be adjusted

It has the functions of gram, carat, pound, ounce, etc

Standard configuration of RS232 and USB communication interface to connect peripherals

The switch machine automatically locks the current mode

The built-in date and time adjustable function

The attached weighing device is selected

Built-in temperature display function

Digital multipoint linear calibration

The noil weighing application mode

The percentage weighing function

Density weighting direct reading function

Animal (dynamic) weighing function


Technical Specification

Measure range:110g



Linear error(mg):±0.2

Scale pan size(mm):Φ90

Outside size(mm):345×220×331

Calibration methods:Inner calibration


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