PS-300 Automatic Gas Sampler Testing Machine



The automatic gas sampler is used for the automatic sampling of gas samples in combination with gas chromatography. It also has the functions of automatic sample dilution, automatic sample bottle vacuum extraction, automatic cleaning and semi-automatic sample preparation.

PS-300 Automatic gas sampler

Performance index


1. PS-100A: bottle position capacity of 100 12m sample bottles;


PS-160A: Bottle position capacity 160 12ml sample bottles;


PS-300A: Bottle position capacity of 300 12rnl sample bottles;


2, the sample bottle repeated positioning radius error is less than 2mm, and can detect needle bending, bottle stuck and other failures and stop to protect the sample;


4. The scheduled start time can be set within 0-1440 minutes;


5, large screen backlight display, 38mm×168mm window;


6, Chinese and English operation interface can be switched;


7, no need to install software on the computer, can control the chromatography, serial port upgrade software;


8. It can be used in combination with gas chromatograph with input control interface for automatic valve sampling of gas samples, two-way communication with gas chromatography, can sense gas chromatography (part) state, stop the operation of automatic sampler when the chromatography fails;

9, flexible sampling: can exit when sampling, without stopping to add samples and modify sampling parameters;

10. Automatic sampling repetition error <1%;


11. The sampling interval can be adjusted within 0-99 minutes, accurate to seconds;


12. Continuous sampling: the second round of sampling can be rotated without rearranging the sample bottle to improve working efficiency;


13. Vacuum can be automatically extracted from the sample bottle after analysis, and the vacuum degree can reach 0.1Pa;


14, can automatically dilute the sample, dilution times 0-6, with injection volume dilution times up to 100 times, dilution error <1%;


15, can automatically clean the contaminated sample bottle, cleaning times 1~10 times;


16. Semi-automatic preparation of gas sample into sample bottle (optional);


17, overall size 300x260x300mm (L ×W× H) PS-100A type,


350x300x350mm (L× W×H) PS-160A Model 450×400×350mm (L× Hl PS-300A model


18, weight: PS-100A about 5Kg; PS-160A about 6Kg; PS300A about 8Kg.


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