PSTC FINAT 180° Peel Adhesive Testing Machine


◎ microcomputer control, menu-type interface, PVC operation panel, humanized design, convenient for users to operate and use.

◎ large LCD display, real-time display of test data curve, professional measurement and control software support.

◎ precision lead screw drive system, effectively improve the accuracy of displacement, can realize stepless speed regulation function.

◎ intelligent computing system can simultaneously have three data testing functions: maximum value, average value and real time value.

◎ the test results can be output by group statistical analysis.

◎ it has many functions such as parameter setting, printing, viewing, clearing and calibration.

◎ the system with overload protection, emergency power cut protection, manual operation zero fault.

◎ equipped with micro mute printer, equipped with USB interface, connected to the computer, can print out the number of tests.

PSTC FINAT 180° Peel Adhesive Testing Machine

Test standard

GB/T4850、GB/T7754、GB/T8808、GB/T13022、GB/T7753、GB/T17200、GB/T2790、GB/T2791、GB/T2792、 QB/T2358

PSTC: 101 (A, B, C, D, E, F), 4, 15, 55

ASTM: D 3330


AFERA: 4001 P11

FINAT: FTM 1-6, 10, 11

PSTC FINAT 180° Peel Adhesive Testing Machine


Tensile strength and deformation rateTear resistance
Tensile testshear performance
180degree peel testHeat sealing performance
90degree peel testLow speed unwinding force
 Adhesion strength test (soft)
 Adhesion strength test (hard)
 Release paper stripping force


capacity0~200 N(can choose 30N、50N、100N)
resolution0.01 N
Test speed1- 500 mm/min
Sample width≤30 mm
Stroke650 mm
PowerAC220V 50Hz
Outside size1000 mm (L) × 350 mm (W) × 400 mm (H)
weight25 kg



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