PYGCMS8900 RoHS2.0 test equipment

PYGCMS8900 is equipped with 2 injection ports, each equipped with different injector, its specific functions are as follows:

Injection port AInjection port B
Configure sample pretreatment devicePyrolyzed TP30PLUS16 position liquid injector
Main functionRapid screeningPrecise quantification
Test item16 kinds of phthalates

TOTM tri-octyl metaphenyltriate

DPHP diisodecyl phthalate

nPIP (triphenyl 3-isopropyl phosphate)

DMF (N, n-dimethylformamide)

American TSCA

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

20 brominates (polybrominated biphenyl + polybrominated diphenyl ethers)

American TSCA

Bisphenol A

Chlorinated paraffin

Identification of suspicious materials

PYGCMS8900  Double column high-end cracking phthalic acid tester Dual channel injection port RoHS2.0 tester
I. Main performance parameters of Guangzhou Golden Valley PYGCMS

1, advanced ceramic heating mode, ceramic body equipped with high precision temperature sensor, precise temperature control, solution straw heating fast and stable fast, low electricity

Pressure work, safe and reliable.

2, with the program temperature function, you can set different temperature intervals and gradients;

3, PC software control system, larger expansion performance, more convenient operation;

4, abandon the traditional mechanical valve, the use of CNC solenoid valve, gas path control more accurate;

5. Cooperate with EPC electronic pressure controller to better control gas flow rate;

6, equipped with electronic type gas pressure regulator valve and needle type pressure valve, to achieve full computer precise control; Valve switching system with independent intellectual property rights, none

Dead volume, stable and efficient, sample no residue.

7, according to the needs of users, different diameters of the sample in the straw heating treatment, the highest temperature can be controlled at 500ºC.

The desorption device is installed directly on the sample inlet of the gas chromatograph to ensure rapid desorption of the sample into the chromatography.

8, can directly to the standard atmospheric sampling tube or any solid material containing organic matter desorption, desorption, sampling analysis.

PYGCMS8900  Double column high-end cracking phthalic acid tester Dual channel injection port RoHS2.0 tester
Technical parameters:

Cracking unit (Φ6 cracking tube) Temperature rangeroom temperature ~ 450ºC, with an increment of 1ºC.Cracking device (Φ6 cracking tube) heating rate> 500ºC/ min.
The cracking time range of the cracking device0.01 ~ 99.99min, with an increment of 0.01 minThe purging time range of the cracker0.01 ~ 99.99min, with an increment of 0.01 min
Purge flow range of the cracker10ml ~ 200mlSplit flow range of the cracking unit10ml ~ 200ml
Pyrolysis unit heating control voltage16VDCAging cleaning device temperature rangeroom temperature ~ 450ºC, in 1ºC increment (optional)
Aging cleaning device time range1 to 1200 minutes, in increments of 1 minute

PYGCMS8900  Double column high-end cracking phthalic acid tester Dual channel injection port RoHS2.0 tester
Ii. Main performance parameters of GCMS

                                                                                     Mass spectrum parameter
Gas phase partGas phase part
Model numberA91PlusMaximum service temperature of injector450 °C
Cylinder pressure setting accuracy0.001 psiPressure range0-680kPa(0-100psi)
Furnace temperatureRoom temperature: +4ºC~450ºCTemperature gradient30 tiers and 31 platforms
Retention time reproducibility>0.008%Peak area reproducibility<2%RSD
Mass spectrum part
Temperament interface (transmission line)Independent temperature control maximum temperature 350ºCIon source temperature150~350 °C (inert isothermal ceramic ion source)
Double filament

Quadrupole (mass analyzer)S-type prefilter * eliminates photons and neutrons and guides ions into the quadrupole without loss. Advanced design of high precision quadrupole quality filter.
Ionizing energy5ev~100eVPre-vacuum pumpMechanical pump, pumping speed 4 m3 /h
Post-stage vacuum pumpTurbo molecular pump, pumping speed 85L/sdetectorA three-axis detector with high energy punch pole and long life electron multiplier operating at low voltage.
Mass accuracy+ / – 0.1 amuMaximum scanning speed20,000 amu/s
Mass stability±0.1amu /48hMaximum column flow6.5mL/min (He)
Carrier gas typeHelium gasSignal-to-noise ratio


1pg octa-fluoronaphthalene (OFN) in m/z272,

Signal to noise ratio (S/N) ≥2000:1

IDL< 10fg OFN

Dynamic range>5X10^6Other Features (selected parts)The built-in UPS, a self-protection module, protects the instrument from power instability, outages, surges and spikes

Service access: Front panel of ion source is removable for cleaning and filament replacement, rear panel of detector is removable.

Modular universal circuit board design, self-diagnosis function, reduce maintenance costs.

PYGCMS8900 RoHS2.0 test equipment

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