QT-I  Paint film drying time tester ISO 9117-4 ASTM D5895


Suitable for testing the drying time of paint, coating and other surface coating, to ensure the surface quality of coating.The motor drives the rod of spherical contact to draw a circle at a certain speed under a fixed load.The drying time of paint film can be calculated according to the position of track disappearance.

Use the following formula to calculate the drying time

Distance = velocity * time

Test standard:ISO 9117-4 ASTM D5895

ISO 9117-4 ASTM D5895 QT-I  Paint film drying time tester


Power:220V,AC 50HZ

Power of motor:4W

scratch needle size:Φ8mm

Scratch needle stroke:Φ80mm

Load of weight:12g

Time set:0.5h,1h,2h,6h,12h,24h




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