RoHS2.0 environmental protection tester

RoHS2.0 phthalic detector Plasticizer screening detector
pplication fields

Chemical industry, electronics, printing and packaging, electrical, comprehensive

In toys, electronics, food, packaging materials, medical devices, plastic, rubber, adhesive, cellulose, resin, cable and other industries, need to do plasticizer screening detection; After years of chromatographic separation technology and basic research on plasticizers, we have developed a plasticizer detection system that can directly inject solid and liquid samples. The system passes temperature programmed thermal analysis and high temperature cracking to allow the components in the samples to enter gas chromatograph in batches according to different temperatures for quantitative detection. The ultrafine transmission channel also solves the problem of overlapping analysis graphs of samples with uneven temperature. At the same time, the ultrafine transmission pipeline itself has automatic cleaning function, which also solves the problem of transmission pipeline pollution. This system can achieve multi-stage continuous heating and can automatically clean the pipeline after finishing a sample without manual intervention, which not only saves labor cost but also ensures the authenticity of data.

RoHS2.0 phthalic detector Plasticizer screening detector
RoHS2.0 phthalic detector product advantages:

1, built-in standard curve, more intuitive judge whether the material phthalic overstandard;

2. Short sample making time, 20 minutes/sample making time * rapid screening needs of enterprise users;

3. Low procurement cost, PY+GCMS procurement cost is 1.2 million yuan, TP20-GC procurement cost is less than 300,000 yuan;

4, low use cost, no need for pretreatment, reagent and consumables, a year of use cost less than 5000 yuan;

5, no professional laboratory environment, only need ordinary operation space with air conditioning power supply can be installed and used.

RoHS2.0 phthalic detector Plasticizer screening detector

Procurement costWithin 350,000Take samples every day30-40 of them
Injection methodDirect solid or liquidCost of use/year8000 yuan/year
Whether chemical pretreatment is requiredNo chemical pretreatment is requiredLower detection limit50ppm
Sample time20 minutes/sampleDegree of operation difficultySimple and easy to operate, ordinary production line staff can operate
Sample pretreatment or notDon’t needWhether a professional laboratory is neededNo, normal office environment is fine

Don’t need

Whether environmental assessment is required
Don’t need

Whether waste water and waste gas are producedThere is no

RoHS2.0 environmental protection testerRoHS2.0 environmental protection tester

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